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Never compromise on tires! Lives depend on how well they grip the road, especially when it’s wet; that’s why you need to know they’re in top condition.

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At Downtown Nashville Nissan, our thorough tire inspection is designed to keep you safe and get you back out on the road quickly.


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Our certified technicians are trained to spot damage to your tires that might not be immediately obvious to a car owner. In addition to the everyday wear and tear that your tires experience, they could also be damaged by contact with curbs or potholes. Your tire tread is measured to determine if it is sufficient. Wear patterns that are uneven are noted so that alignment or suspension issues can be addressed. We also rotate tires so that their lifespan can be extended, though this might not be the answer if there are other issues.

While the “penny test” is still used by many people to determine if they should replace their tires, it should be approached as general information only and not a precise process. There are numerous factors that can affect the condition of your tires and the way they wear. This has lead to many experts recommending that you replace your tires when 4/32 inches or less of tread is remaining on them. This is double the amount that the penny test deems as acceptable. The more tread that is present on your tires, the greater traction your vehicle has during inclement weather. This translates into more control for you as the driver in these circumstances. If you need new tires, count on Downtown Nashville Nissan to walk you through the entire process.

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