Oil Changes and Fluids

The regular, routine maintenance tasks you do will help keep your Nissan in great running condition and ensure you are always safe on the road.

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Hard at Work for your Automobile

The fluids that circulate through your engine keep your Nissan running in tiptop shape. From engine oil and transmission fluid to brake fluid and coolant, the liquids used in your vehicle ensure it is always in peak condition and ready to go wherever you do.

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Our fast and easy oil change is designed to give your vehicle the service it needs in a hurry; we’ll get you back on the road right away.

Benefits of Regular Oil and Fluid Changes:

  • Extends the life of your vehicle
  • Using the right oil reduces friction and improves gas mileage; it can also help prevent overheating
  • Coolant changes ensure your system always runs at peak efficiency
  • Changing your transmission fluid when recommended prevents costly repairs
  • Your brakes work better and last longer when the fluid is changed regularly

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Motor Oil Types

Regular oil changes matter, but the oil you choose for your vehicle will have an impact on the longevity of your engine as well. For the best possible results, every part of your engine should be lubricated with a thin layer of oil; the right oil will also minimize oxidation and ensure that your vehicle runs properly.

The viscosity of the oil you choose, or its thickness and resistance to motion will impact the overall performance. Each brand is different, and the viscosity index or rating will depend on how well the oil reacts to high temperatures.

There are three main categories of motor oil; not all oils are suited for your vehicle. Your options include Full Synthetic, Semi Synthetic and Natural (or Mineral). Each oil container also has a numeric rating (10W40 is one example). The number that comes before the “W” is the cold viscosity rating; the lower the number is, the better the car will perform and start in cold (“Winter”) temperatures. The number following the “W” is the hot viscosity rating, or the point at which the oil will begin to thin out when heated.

Fully Synthetic vs. Semi Synthetic vs. Natural – What’s the Difference?

Fully Synthetic Features:

  • Better fuel economy
  • Enhanced performance and engine power
  • Protects engine from wear and buildup
  • Good startups in cold weather, even when it is freezing outside
  • Quickly reaches the moving parts of the engine

Semi-synthetic Motor Oil Features:

  • Good engine protection within 10 minutes of startup
  • 3x better at engine wear reduction when compared with Mineral or Natural Oil
  • Longer time periods between oil changes

Mineral or Natural Oil features:

  • Basic protection that can be used in a variety of engines
  • Relatively short oil change requirements – oil needs to be changed more frequently than synthetic or part synthetic oils

When Should I Get an Oil Change?

Other Fluids Used by your Nissan


Your coolant prevents your engine from overheating; coolant is found in the big, white transparent tank in your engine. For best results, your coolant level should stay in the middle of the two markers, between “Low” and “High”. Checking your coolant is easy, but you should only do so when the engine has cooled down completely.

Transmission Fluid

If you have an automatic transmission, then your transmission fluid will keep your car running smoothly when you shift gears. Transmission fluid is red, so a red puddle in the driveway is an indicator of trouble in this area. Low levels of transmission fluid could be to blame if your car is not running smoothly or shifting well.

Brake Fluid

You need to be able to stop on demand, every time. This essential liquid helps relay the message from your brake pedal to the actual brakes. Fresh brake fluid delivers the message every time, but old, overheated fluid simply won’t perform well. With outdated or old brake fluid, you’ll find yourself pressing harder and harder to stop, or pumping the breaks; replacing the fluid could restore your functionality and prevent further problems. Whether you need a basic oil change or are concerned about the other fluids designed to keep your car running in peak condition, we can help. The {NAME} team can help keep your Nissan in peak operating condition by performing regular maintenance – and fixing up anything that goes wrong in a hurry. Contact us at {number} for help with your vehicle.

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